Popular Group Classes That Come With A YouFit Gym Membership

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When looking for a fitness club in Miami, you want to choose somewhere that has everything you need at prices you can afford. In addition to affordable pricing, one of the great things we offer is group classes right here at YouFit! Our YouFit group classes – YouGX – were designed to help people enjoy going to the gym though unique and fun group fitness classes. Whether you’re looking for something with high intensity, something relaxing like YOGA, or something to help you with aging, YOUGX has a class for you!

BODYPUMP Fitness Class

Youfit Miami – Hammocks Blvd. offers numerous YouGX fitness classes that can that fit anyone’s preferences and goals. The first body-focused class is BODYPUMP. BODYPUMP is one of Youfit Miami – Hammocks Blvd.’s most popular group classes, and for a good reason. BODYPUMP uses moderate weights with high repetition to help you look lean, toned, and get fit. BODYPUMP gives you a total body workout through scientifically proven moves and techniques that will encourage, motivate, and help you achieve more than you ever could on your own!

Zumba Fitness Dance Class

If you’re looking for a YouGX group class that will make you exercise without feeling like you are, then look no further than Zumba Fitness! Featuring exotic rhythms set to high-energy Latin and international beats, Zumba Fitness is easy to do, effective and totally exhilarating. You just might lose yourself in the music and find yourself in shape! Stop in for a Zumba class today and lose yourself in the rhythm of the music!

Don’t forget to make time to stretch and clear your mind with one of Youfit Miami – Hammocks Blvd.’s Yoga classes! Minimize anxiety and stress through poses that will enhance your vitality and sense of well-being while also improving flexibility, strength, and posture. At Youfit Miami – Hammocks Blvd., there’s a group exercise class for everyone!

Gym Membership Deals Miami

Choosing to be healthy shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. Your gym membership should be affordable! That’s why Youfit Miami – Hammocks Blvd. prides itself on affordable memberships! Youfit Miami – Hammocks Blvd. offers three types of gym memberships: the 10 Dollar Standard, the Standard, and the 1 Dollar Down Rest of Month Free Lime membership! Both the 10 Dollar Standard and the Standard memberships both grant you a month-to-month membership, unlimited single club access, and a free YouCoach Fitness Assessment. If you’re looking for more in your membership, upgrade to the 1 Dollar Down Rest of Month Free Lime membership! This membership has all of the previous perks plus the ability to bring a guest every visit, unlimited access to all Youfit locations, and half-priced drinks for $21.99 a month. Interested in jump-starting your fitness journey this summer? Sign up for an affordable membership or 48-hour free trial pass for Youfit Miami – Hammocks Blvd. by calling 305-224-1463 today!